Vitamins and Weight Loss


B-12.  Provides a boost to the oxygen-carrying capacity of your red blood cells.  Most people will notice a boost in their energy levels.  If you are B-12 deficient, we start with one injection weekly until you are caught up, generally 4 weeks, then reduce to monthly or simply as-needed.

Vitamin D.  Primarily helps with the body’s absorption of Calcium from the diet, and had indirect effects on your immune system and your general feeling of well-being.  Available in three dose levels:  100,000 units (one month supply), 300,000 units (3 month supply), and 600,000 units (6 month supply).

Lipo C.  A lipotrophin injection, consisting of a combination of two amino acids (methionine and choline)  with carnitine and Vitamin B5.  It will help to boost energy, burn fat, and protect lean muscle, in order to work toward weight loss goals.  It is given weekly while a person is actively dieting.

Semaglutide Program

This comprehensive program is done under the direct supervision of a physician, and includes some screening labs at the beginning, with an in-person consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the program.  There is a suggested diet plan, which can be supervised by our dietitian, to the point where a customized diet plan can be provided.  There will be weekly weigh-ins, and weekly injections of the medication, with dose adjustments by the physician, based on your weight loss and any side effects.  There is a flat monthly charge.  After you reach your goal, a maintenance program will be available with ongoing dosing as needed, and injections on a pay-as-you-go basis, similar to our vitamin program.

Registered Dietician

Meet with our registered dietician once a month as part of our weight loss program!

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